Transform your handwriting or
calligraphy into a font!

With your own handwriting installed as a typeface on your computer,
you can create genuine personal designs and calligraphic artwork.
Let your imagination run free!

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Twitter quotes from our users:

Punkkitt! @punkittboy
3 Jan 2017
@maklabu_gmbh: Wow, thanks a bunch! I really appreciate the work you′re putting into this. What an excellent program! :)
Mario de Baseggio @de_baseggio
17 Nov 2016
Converting my handwriting into a TTF! How cool is that? Excellent job, @maklabu_gmbh!
A Kiss of Colour @akissofcolour
21 Sep 2016
Thanks to @maklabu_gmbh we all can create our own font from our handwriting

doesn't exist anymore.

Enjoy the new features:

Create your templates with much more comfort and options.
You don't need a scanner anymore. Just take a pic of your template with your mobile phone.
Draw different variants of each character, which are then used randomly to give your font a more authentic look.
Choose your ligatures and add them to your font.
No need to start over again if you don't like a character. Just edit it with our included tools.
Take all the time you need to work on your fonts. They are stored on your browser and can be edited in more than one session.
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