We do not offer subscriptions as most of our users do use sporadically and we don't want to charge you just because you have forgotten to cancel our subscription.

A font created with Calligraphr is a standard font file (ttf or otf) and is fully functional even when your upgrade period has expired.

Free Pro
Price Registration required $8 for one month
$4 per month for a 6 months upgrade
Max. # fonts you can create. Unlimited Unlimited
Max. # fonts concurrently
Number of fonts you can work on concurrently.
1 12
Max. # characters
Number of characters a font can contain.
75 480
Max. # Variants for character randomization
Number of variants per character used for randomization.
2 15
Ligatures No Yes
Adjust letter spacing for single characters. No Yes
Data storage Your browser Your browser + our server
Prioritized processing No Yes

All pricing in USD.