Quick Test

Are you curious about our fontbuilding technology? You can test it quickly without the need to register.

This test provides a basic subset of Calligraphr's feature set. You will be able to create a minimal latin alphabet and get an idea of character randomization and ligatures.

1. Fill out the template

Download the template as PDF or PNG. Print it and use a black (not too thin) pen to fill it out.

For the real lazy ones we provide a prefilled template.

2. Upload the template.

After taking a picture or scanning the completed template, please upload the image file.

Select your filled out template (PNG, PDF, JPG or TIFF):

Advanced Features

If you want full access to our advanced features like customizable templates, editing characters, adjusting the baseline or fine tuning letter spacing please register a free account.

Character editing

Adjust baseline and size

Adjust letter spacing

Template customization